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Visits by Crispin School, Street. Sustainability, Citizenship module. We also have students on a weekly basis, pupils who are struggling in the school system for whatever reason.


Part of Mendip Ecohomes week, open house in September 10/11/12th 2009, afternoons 1-4pm.

Talks at Sunrise Off-Grid festival 20-23 August 2009, near Shepton Mallet Somerset Friday 12-2pm (Tin Village).

EQUESTRIAN We now have planning permission for DIY Livery stables at Brook Farm, the costruction of these will start in January 2010, they should be ready to rent Easter 2010.

Watch this space !

Herbs - Physic Garden at Brook Farm (Sat 5th & Sun 6th September 2009)
The Home Remedies Kit Introductory Workshops with Andew Johnston (clinical practioner) and Nik Hiscock:
Local plant identification and their healing properties
Planting growing herbs
Identifying plants in the wild
Medicinal uses of common plants
Creating plant preparations
Working biodynamically with plants
Please phone 01458 850243

Building a Spinning Wheel (from a bicycle wheel), Making a rustic Pole Lathe, Green Wood Working (see below), and Spinning Yarn (from our own sheep).

Equinox Food Foraging and Sustainable Survival in March and September

Bent Hazel Furniture with tutor Alan Dean. Everyone went home with a chair, table, or stool, and we all learned how versatile Hazel can be.

Green Woodworking with tutor Martin Huxter. Martin showed us what variety there is in different woods. He brought his collection of achievements in woodworking. The pole lathe was essential and home made too.

Hedgerow Herbal given by tutor Nikki Hiscock. How much can we gather from the natural hedgerows to eat and use for herbal remedies?

Any events and courses that run usually end up with a Picnic by the pond - with a good time had by all.

There are many courses we can hold - let us know what your interests are and we'll sort it out !

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